Saturday, September 05, 2009

Four Miler

We joined the masses at the Women's Four Miler again this year. What made this year different was that I had actually signed up! Morgan volunteered at the finish with her XC team. David & the other three helped at the water station at 3.1 miles.

I put Caroline in charge of taking the pictures.

Katherine is always happy to be anywhere!
Will wanted to count the cups that he gave away so he could tell me - but he lost count since it took so long for me to get there!
But I did get there! It took us more than 6 minutes to get to the START line! After that it was a crazy mess trying to get through the mob of really slow walkers. I got so frustrated that I decided I couldn't even walk the race quickly, so I ended up running. I ended up with my best time ever, but only because this was the first year I ran with a timing chip! Here's Valorie... and the family...David got a cool dry-fit volunteer shirt. The kids all got cotton Ts.

After the awards, we went for pancakes.


Anonymous VJ said...

Ain't we awesome!

7:58 PM  

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