Thursday, May 27, 2010

Globals - Day 2 - The Rest of the Day!

After the Instant Challenge, Katherine and I took off on our own. The others wanted to swim and we just weren't up to it. We wandered down to the convention center to see what we could see.

We took in a few of the other challenges - there was one involving community service & another involving building a robot. We intentionally avoided our team's challenge.

Katherine and I enjoyed the Promethean booth, where we played games on the smart boards.

Then we played with the Keva blocks. All of the blocks are the same size. Twice each day the Keva people would build a tall tower and remove a block from the lower portion one by one. Eventually the tower would fall, but it always took longer than we thought it would.

Katherine spent a bit of time learning about all of the other countries represented at Globals.

Eventually we met up with everyone else, and played with the Keva blocks again. Teddy and Jake played nicely with their mothers.

Katherine and Jenna worked together.

If you look carefully, you can see Jim sitting in the back of the booth. It was good to get a chance to rest!

We were present for the afternoon tower collapse. The Keva man pulled one piece out at a time until the tower fell.

Pin trading was by far the most popular activity. Everywhere they went, the team met kids who wanted to trade pins. Our state pins were popular, but the regional iShark pins were even more sought after.

By the end of the afternoon all of the parents were weary.

We just couldn't leave though. As we headed out, the boys saw the Haiti Relief booth and decided to help pack backpacks with school supplies. The others traded pins! After a bit of pin trading, Jenna joined in the effort.
On the way back to the dorm the team begged to go dumpster diving. I don't think we realized at that point that this was not permitted. They had fun with the other teams' cast-offs. Some wanted to bring items home. We reminded them all that this was TRASH and headed back to the dining hall for dinner! Sadly, this is where Jake left his pin bag - he never saw his pins again.

We ate dinner, and went to a small park to chill.

Later, half of the team decided to go to the Box and Ball Ball! Jenna came up with a great costume idea, made from trash bags. She called herself a "trashy girl!" Once she showed her costume to the other girls they too decided to go.
Only Katherine stayed in the dorm and went to bed early. Tomorrow is Friday - at Globals it's sometimes called "Cryday". I'm hoping we don't have team meltdown tomorrow!


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that looks really fun.
those people are really talented with those blocks

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