Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emerald Isle -Day 5

The kids made extensive plans at dinner last night to get up early and run before making pancakes and getting to the beach by 8 am. I had my doubts even then, but I got up and tried to wake everyone for a run. No luck at all. In fact, I was so luckless that I crawled back into bed myself! Not only did we not get on the beach by 8, most of us were not even awake by 8!!

We did have pancakes, and there are people on the beach as I type this. Some are on the beach, and some have gone to scout out a put-in place on the sound for the kayaks. Grandmama is heading to the grocery store -again. Gone are her plans for a shrimp dinner, as most of the people in the house are not seafood eaters. It'll be lasagna instead.

Katherine tried out her new watercolors and painted a postcard.


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