Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Warning to David: DO NOT read beyond this point. This post is guaranteed to cause considerable mental trauma, second only to discussions relating to your daughters' future weddings!

From the first belly rumblings and early kicks we know how wonderful it is to be able to have a child. We are never prepared, though, for the reality of what an awesome gift that child really is.

We sometimes feel worn down by the humongous burden it is to raise God's children. Instead we should remember that we have the support of the Almighty, with whom we can do all things...even raise good & decent children in a world that doesn't make it very easy.

So we must be the nurturer, the teacher, the advocate, and much more. Everything we do should be designed to ready our children for the life they will someday lead on their own. We must give them the tools to make wise choices and solid decisions. We are home base and eventually, the springboard.

As I was rereading the post on Morgan's birthday the other day it struck me that in 10 years, when Will is 13, he will be the only child living at home. Morgan will be out of college, Caroline entering her 3rd year, and Katherine entering her first. Major panic set in. There's so little time left before they start leaving the nest. There's so much to do!

While 10 years will pass by in the blink of an eye, we will have each of those 3,600+ days to do the best we can to show our children how much they are loved. After that we'll hope that we have enabled them to continue making the right choices. Regardless, we'll be here for them.


Blogger Wags said...

You knew, of course, that warning me not to read would only make me dive right in. Now I'm going to be totally useless for the rest of the day!

Still looking for that Kids 101 instruction book....

2:58 PM  

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