Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Little Hoo

Today we went to the women's soccer game against Duke. In addition to being kids' day at the game it was also a free game for girl scouts in uniform. The scouts performed the flag ceremony prior to the start of the game. Afterwards the players were supposed to provide a soccer clinic for all the kids...

It was a fine day
for the orange and the blue.
A very fine day
to be a Wahoo.

The UVA women
were ready in white.
They played against Duke.
Oh, what a sight!

It was a close game.
No score at the half.
The girls watched the action
and then started to laugh.

Will clapped with the crowd
and ate his popcorn.
Then he wore Emily's wig
and a Wahoo was born!

How did the game end? *
We don't really know.
For it started to rain
and we just had to go.

No use getting wet
when you can't kick the ball.
So we headed on out
and we went to the mall!
*UVA won


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