Saturday, November 25, 2006

3rd Grade - More Halloween

I love my camera! I'm sure we had fun on Halloween in 3rd grade, but there just aren't any pictures to prove it.

Actually, I remember the day well. Back then we were encouraged to wear our costumes to school and we even had a Halloween parade around the school and playgrounds. I was a nurse that day at school- I wore my blue jumper, white turtleneck and tights, and a cap that my mom made. The cap was the only thing that made my appearance any different than any other school day. Hey, it was an easy costume, and my mom had to contend with a 1-year-old!

The costume I most remember though was the one that my friend Jana wore. Her mom had made her "Autumn." I thought she was beautiful anyway and on that Halloween, oh so many years ago, she really was. She wore a red leotard and tights with a red gauze covered with autumn leaves. I remembered that costume and made a similar one for Morgan several years ago. She, of course, was even more beautiful than I ever remember my childhood friend being.

As for this year's 3rd grade class. These kids have never worn a costume to school, unless you count preschool, and have certainly never had a Halloween parade on school time. They did have a great party though, a bit more extravagant than the cupcakes and juice we would have had back in the (Yikes!) early 70's. I'm sure these kids had heard of parents and teachers having eyes in the back of their heads, but I wonder if many of them had heard of Cousin It before then. That's Katherine in the front! Totally Cousin It!


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