Monday, November 20, 2006

Crafty Ladies

Valorie and I have been making and selling jewelry for about a year and half now. On Saturday we set up a booth at a local craft fair. It was a fun fair to participate in because we knew some of the other crafters. There was Alice (the Mary Kay Consultant, left), Nancy (the scarf knitter, below right), Sue's sister (church dolls and ornaments), and lots of other women (and a man) selling lots of pretty things.

There were at least 5 other jewelry crafters there. It could have been horrible having so many jewelers, but it turned out fine. Each woman had her own style. One jeweler's items were very pricey, and another's were very cheap (price and materials). Our stuff is good looking and nicely made. Our prices are probably low for the materials we use. We sold enough to call it a good day and have already committed to go back next year.

There's always a danger in setting up a booth at a craft fair. Without discipline there's always a chance that you'll spend more at the other booths than you take home from your own sales. It helps to leave your children at home. The girls stayed with me for the last half of the fair, coming hungry and thirsty. They strolled the booths and found pretty things that needed good homes. It's a good thing they have me for a mother - otherwise all those pretty things that went home with someone else could have ended up in a our house! Yikes!

We did do a little Christmas shopping but not to the louder tune that was playing in their ears!


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