Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Every year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving our elementary school holds VIP Day. VIPs can be grandparents, aunt, uncles, older siblings, parents, or anyone else important to a child. VIPs are always treated to coffee and snacks in the gym before heading off to the classrooms.

Katherine's VIP was her daddy. Her class performed a Thanksgiving play in which Katherine played the grandchild who wanted to watch football. After the skit, some of the children played instruments, sang songs, read poems, and told jokes. Then they worked on crossword puzzles and a word search.

Caroline's VIP was her Grandmama. The students each read about the things for which they are thankful. Afterwards they interviewed their VIPs to find out what school was like a long time ago. Then they also performed a Thanksgiving play. Caroline was the scene changer - she held up beautifully decorated scene signs for everyone to see.

Will's class held a Thanksgiving Feast - of desserts! David and Will enjoyed the treats together. They ate yummy cupcakes, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cobbler.

Today was a busy day. Tomorrow we're staying home, thankful for a day off!


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