Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let There Be School

Because there was no school today I deposited my children with a friend for an hour so I could make an appointment. The girls weren't dressed when it was time to leave so they went in their jams...not a problem because everyone in the family that was receiving them was also wearing jams - it was a jammy day.

When we made it back home, several hours after I reappeared to retrieve my kids, we went to work on homework, and valentines for each child's class.

The logic is this: only by being completely ready for school would the call be made to cancel school, but if we weren't completely ready there would definitely be school. Everyone knows if you're not ready for school, you miss recess. So we readied ourselves for every outcome. Homework was completed and valentines were made.

Then we made dinner - the only fitting meal on a day as cold as this one is chili with cornbread. Again, only half of my family will eat chili, but it's that half to which I cater. Two-thirds of the other half ate tomato soup, and the other one-third ate yogurt (brr!). We weren't up from the table very long when the decision was made and posted on the Channel 29 website...a few minutes later we received our automated call.

So the valentines are done and there's no school. I suspect that by the time these kids get back into the building everyone will have forgotten about celebrating the holiday. Too bad, because our valentines were really cute!


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