Sunday, February 25, 2007


L-O-double L-I-P-O-P spells lollipop, lollipop;
That's the only decent kind of candy, candy,
Man who made it must have been a dandy, dandy;
L-O-double L-I-P-O-P you see
It's a lick on a stick guaranteed to make you sick.
It's lollipop for me.**

Will must have started over a dozen lollipops during the course of our stay at William & Mary Hall today. I let him, knowing he'd never finish any of them.He never does. He'll lick one for a little while and then accidentally touch it to something like my sweater or the seat cushion (ick!) and then he'll be done with it. Several minutes later he'll want another. Why not, I say. If we continue this way me might just finish our Halloween candy before next October rolls around!

Will even managed to cheer his Daddy to the finish while licking his lollipop.

** This is an old camp song, which goes on...
C-A-S-T-E-R O-I-L spells caster oil, caster oil;
That's the only decent kind of medicine, medicine,
Man who made it must have been an Edison, Edison;
C-A-S-T-E-R O-I-L you see
It's a lick on a spoon guaranteed to kill you soon.
It's caster oil for me.


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