Saturday, February 24, 2007

Project 365: Feb 24

This morning, promptly at 9, Caroline participated in her first music festival - which was also her first public performance playing the piano. She began lessons in September and absolutely loves playing. There are days that we have to drag her away from the piano so she can get all of her school assignments finished!

The festival went well. Caroline played beautifully, and with more feeling than ever before. Our family and friends took up a row and half of the available chairs in the room! With that kind of support a girl can't go wrong!

Today is also important because it is her friend Molly's birthday! She is such a great friend! She and her mother left their nice, warm house very early this morning so that they could come and support Caroline at her first festival performance.

Happy Birthday Molly! And thanks for being such a great friend to Caroline!


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