Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Day at the Park

When I wrote earlier about our day at the park I didn't have the pictures from our outing. I have them now!

First, here's our group, just starting out. They are a large and lively bunch, full of energy and imagination. Little did we know what we'd gotten ourselves into...oh, and that's the other Gracie - the one who listens.

The little boys had to stay away from the water. Why? - because they might fall in and then we'd have to go in after them. Ick! So instead of playing at the edge of the river these guys collected rocks & sticks, filled their pockets with rocks, and threw them down over the side of the hill, sometimes narrowly missing their siblings & friends!

Here's the bunch at the water's edge. You'd think these kids never got to leave the confines of their homes, that they never got to breathe outside air, that they never got to get dirty and touch things living in the water. They were all so excited about this field trip and none of them were ready to leave when the time came.

None but the little guys. Will's comment as we were walking the mile back to the park sums it up, "My legs and feet and arms want to fall off my body." So we danced and walked and finally made it back to our van (and snacks) without too much fussing. He did get to pee outside, and being a boy, that made everything all better!


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