Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project 365: March 27

These Benders represent the only horse and cat we'll ever own. For various reasons we're stuck being a dog family...though sometimes I wonder if what we have is really a dog.

Despite the fact that my carpet is now very much the very latest in polka dot fashion, and that we have to wear several inch thick pads when we retrieve Gracie from the line, there are times...still few and far between...that I catch myself actually liking the poor creature. In fact, last night when I tried to quietly let her lick a pudding spoon, the room went quiet, because "Oh look! Mommy's being nice to Gracie!"

I mean, really, is it her fault that she's wired that way? Can she help being manic? Does she know any better? Maybe her parents fed her too much sugar, or didn't love her enough, or just didn't teach her to be still. Maybe she's going through a phase. Oh, I do hope so!

So, the dog's enough.


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