Saturday, March 10, 2007

Finally Delivered!

There are 35 lap quilts in this picture alone. Today, the girls and I delivered 6 bags full of lap quilts to a local nursing home. These quilts were made by UBC church members as a part of OIAM last spring. Somehow they were misplaced at church and never delivered to the nursing home, until today.

There were all kinds of lap quilts donated. Some were crocheted, some knitted. Some were made of soft flannel, and some were quilted and made with "handles" so they wouldn't slip off the wheelchairs. Some were tied fleece quilts made by our K-5 children's missions class.

The lap quilts, made of fabrics that are bright and cheery, were made with the hope that the men and women who received them would be comforted not only by the warmth the blankets would bring, but by the knowledge that with the blankets come our prayers.


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