Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Lucky Dog

Gracie escaped her leash again early this evening. Her timing was the pits. It was about an hour before dark when she pulled out of her collar and took off. Poor Caroline was on dog duty and they were having a wonderful time chopping at and eating the ice in our front yard. I don't think Caroline was eating the ice, but you never can be too sure.

Anyway, Gracie took off at her Gracie pace. First a leap, then a saunter, then another leap as she felt me draw too near. At first, she stayed near the fence by the driveway, but I knew from her past runs that she'd head to the backyard and into the woods - where she would find a smorgasbord of luscious scents. I headed her off by slowly making my way to the backyard and down the hill, and over to the neighbor's yard. Sure enough there she came.

I couldn't get within 5 feet of her without Gracie taking off again. I began picturing the end result - a broken leg and still no dog, or a very graceful leap to land on top of her, or just plain, "lost dog-no collar-won't come when called" signs posted around the area. I kept trudging through the ice-covered leaves. No one would be able to say I didn't try - I would come home with the dog. But if I didn't, it wouldn't be for lack of effort.

If you'll recall Gracie's last major bolt, you'll also recall that in that case she had her collar on and I still couldn't grab her. This evening she was bare nakie doggie girl. It would take major karma on my side or just plain Gracie stupidity on her part. I figured if I could hang in there, her true self would show sooner or later. I was right.

After wandering through the woods, seeing parts of the land I'd never seen, and wondering if I should even be out there at all in my dark clothing, she did it. She caught whiff of a strong scent, one that threw her off her escapee track and onto the gotta smell more track. Her nose was a good five inches below the icy crust! She was oblivious! I talked softly and walked closer and I grabbed that dog so hard, she wasn't ever going to get free again. Oh, she was mad. But had not a thing on me.

Caroline cheered as she saw us emerge from the dark woods (it's getting better now) and helped me get Gracie's collar back on. We walked her around and let her do her business before heading inside to wipe her paws and feed her.

So we came inside and played nice, and what's the first thing she did? She climbed on my kitchen table and then she pooped on the floor, and judging from the screams coming from downstairs, she found something else to chew on.

And they wonder why I'm so over this dog


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