Saturday, March 31, 2007

Project 365: March 29

All three girls have lacrosse practice on Thursday afternoons. For some unknown reason Morgan couldn't find her mouthguard Thursday morning (even though it was in plain sight in the back of the van in the carton of water bottles!). Thinking K's was hers, she left home happy.

K, on the other hand, was not so happy when she put Morgan's in her mouth, thinking it was hers. It was too big and very uncomfortable. Everyone knows playing lacrosse is about being comfortable so we dished out $5 to the coach for another properly sized mouthguard! Everyone happy? Good!

Happy, that is until about halfway through the final scrimmage. With the game stopped K came out saying she'd lost her mouthguard. How does one lose a mouthguard in the middle of a scrimmage? We quickly searched the field and dished out another $5 to the coach for yet another perfectly sized mouthguard, and the game went on.

Afterwards, K came to the blanket to get her Gatorade and found - you guessed it - her mouthguard. It had been lounging on the blanket since the first water break. Turns out she never had it in for the scrimmage. She's lucky she didn't get the ball!


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