Monday, May 21, 2007

A Day of Rest?

The Sunday morning routine: Rush to get out of the house on time. Park across the street from church and let Will push the button to trigger the walk sign. When the walk sign flashes, run across the street! Once safely across, go to choir or get coffee depending on your age. Then Bible study. Then Worship. Afterwards if you're lucky, as we were on this day, there'll be a luncheon. That's always a good thing - we all get to eat sooner and there's no cooking involved!!!

The preschoolers get to come up for worship for about 20 minutes each Sunday morning. They sit on the front pew, hold a hymnal, and stay through the children's sermon. After wards they go back downstairs and head outside for playground fun! These days the preschoolers are mostly boys. In the fall, 7 boys will graduate the Preschool Dept and head to kindergarten. After that the teacher will either retire from exhaustion or be primed for Will and his friend Carter when they come up the next year!


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