Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scenes from a Saturday

We started the day by attending the UVA v UNC women's lacrosse game. What a show! It is such a treat to watch such good players. Virginia was ahead from the start and was just pounding Carolina! Wahoo! Carolina came back a bit at the half which made us just a teensy bit nervous. Still every bit of the game was good to watch - even when Carolina was doing well!

It was so fun for me to watch, yet the kids were so blase about the whole affair. They read a book, played with the popcorn bucket, looked at grass, searched the stands for a teacher, and just chatted the game away! I just don't get it!

We had to leave before the game ended to get to Katherine's game on time. Thankfully, word traveled to our field that Virginia won after all.

They face Duke next Friday. Wish we could see that game. Duke beat Virginia when they were here earlier in the season. Of course, the highlight of that game was that our girls got to play the halftime scrimmage!

Here's Katherine with her new stick. See the pink head? It has a bright pink bag to go with it. All this for her last game! By all accounts it should have been a really awesome game with that new pink stick going after every ball in sight. Instead, after a few forays into the game, it stayed high in the air gathering fans. Seriously, K's team played their last game today. We had a few key people missing or limited in their participation, so everyone played a lot.

The players who weren't on the field were so not into the game. Of course, some of the players on the field were so not into the game. But the ones on the bench were more interested in the honeysuckle than anything else!

The game was close, very close, nail-biting close. Just kidding...about the nail-biting. It was close, but the girls rallied and came out on top for an UNDEFEATED season!!


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Go Orange Crush!

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