Thursday, May 10, 2007

If it's Thursday

If it's Thursday it must mean we have another lacrosse practice. Ho Hum you might think. But you should think again!
It looked like a normal practice. Everything proceeded as usual. The girls ran their three laps, dropping balls all the way, and when they finished they ran for their water bottles and flopped to the ground. Then they were divided into 4 teams of 5. We had two 5 on 5 scrimmages going at once with no subs for a good fifteen minutes. The girls were beat. It was hot again today, and the girls just had nothing more to give and were literally dragging themselves around the field.

So Coach called them all in...and challenged them to a different game. 5 coaches against 20 players - sounds like a fair game doesn't it?! Picture the scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when hundreds of kids came out from the cellar and crawled all over the adults - that what it was like. Those girls were everywhere! Somehow they had found more energy because they were all over us! It was so much fun!
They kept saying, over and over again, "This is the best practice ever" and "I wish we could do this every week". One girl said, "If we did this every week, we wouldn't have any trouble running during games!" She shouldn't say that out loud again!
After the girls slaughtered the coaches, Coach brought out ice cream. He is now their most favorite person in the whole wide world!

For the record, 20 girls ate 47 Popsicles, Klondike bars, m&m cones and Dove bars! According to the Coach, that's an average of 2.35 treats per player.

I think they earned it! Don't you?!

Now, look carefully in each of the action shots - there's at least one adult in each picture being reminded of the 20+ years we have on all these girls!


Anonymous David said...

20+ years? I wish it was only 20+!

Prior to yesterday's game, I had thought I was in decent shape....

8:37 AM  

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