Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If it's Tuesday - Celebrate!

Have you ever been to Cici's? It's great place to go for a quick, feed everyone meal. A lot of the schools around here have a Cici's night once a month and sports teams like to use it for the last team get-together and trophy give-away. The latter is the reason for being here tonight.

The kids ate their fill and made the rounds. In all we probably had 45 people there just from our team. The kids ate their fill and made the rounds. Cici's is very fortunate that we didn't come after practice. As it was they had a few dry spells in the pizza line!

Once everyone was finished eating, Coach called the girls over and, starting with the youngest ones, handed out goodies. First, Brooke handed each girl a poster of a lacrosse player. Then Mark gave them each a pink ball and said kind and encouraging words to them quietly. When he was done I got to give them their trophies. Next year we should hand out bags for their loot!!

Once the girls got their goodies, some of them were given the task of handing out cards to the coaches. I think they had just as much fun doing that as they did getting their own prizes. We were so lucky to have such a great group of girls on our team. I am looking forward to being with them again next year!


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