Monday, May 21, 2007

Letterboxing - Planning the Plant

Today we went on a short hike during our Girl Scout meeting. We hadn't planned to go, and weren't really prepared for it. None of us had hats or bug spray. Two of us wore flip flops. Still we wanted to go, so we went. Because Girls Scouts are like that - they just go!

Since our letterboxing field trip last fall the girls have been wanting to plant their own letterbox. We decided that the first one or two that we plant will be on school grounds. This will allow us to practice our planting and clue-writing close to home, as well as allow our school community an easier opportunity to participate in letterboxing.

We wrote our clues as we left the school building and headed back into the woods. We followed a well-known path, stopping only to snatch some honeysuckle and write down more clues, and continued on our way. The highlight of the hike for the girls was watching me try to climb the steep hill in my very flat and slippery flip flops! I made it and on we went!
It was a group effort, deciding which way to turn and how the clues would read. We wanted to be tricky but not too tricky.In the end, they all settled on a tidy hiding spot and were satisfied with their day. They do, however, want to plan another plant at our next meeting. That should be a more challenging hunt.


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