Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5th Grade Independent Study Projects

Caroline worked all year on her independent study project and got nowhere! Truly, she worked and worked and worked on it...and nothing. So what was so hard about her project?

Her project proposal was to translate a chapter of the Gutenberg Bible. Hmm. I'm still not sure how she came upon that idea, or how she thought she'd manage to complete the translation without the benefit of many years of language study. Still she was determined.

In the end she prepared a power point to show the history of the written Bible and the contribution of Johannes Gutenberg. She also translated the first verse of Genesis from English to Latin.

Her friends' projects were varied. One girl's power point was about the solar system. The best part was the giggling involved every time she had to say Uranus! Another friend's project was on ice skating, and another filmed his own cooking show. I think the highlight of the evening though was the friend who chose to study artist/fashion designer Catherine Chow and mimicked her style by making a dress out of candy wrappers!


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