Wednesday, June 13, 2007

1st Swim Meet

Tonight was our first swim meet of the season! Morgan and Caroline both swam. Katherine decided to wait a week before getting wet! Tonight's meet was against a team that includes many ids from our elementary school. So, after only 5 days since the last day of school, they all had a little reunion!

Deciding what to bring for my non-swimmers to do while their siblings swim is always a puzzle for me. I always pack a lot of food - sandwich makings, fruit, cookies, water. Anything to keep Will from melting down. I also always bring coloring books and books to read. These things usually keep him occupied. Tonight he had a little trouble accepting the fact that his daddy had come in and, without being able to stop and say hello, had to run over to be a timer for the events.

Someone brought a deck of cards, which helped the time pass for Katherine and some of the younger kids. The older kids mostly watched the races and cheered their teammates. After a game or two, Katherine wandered over to the other side to find her friends, and they all cheered together!

After the meet, which ended much earlier than any meet last summer, we all headed out to our vans, ready to head home. Instead, the kids congregated and engaged in a little horseplay. Can't you just hear your mother now? "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!"

Anyway, no one lost an eye, but the fun and games did end in a wee bit of tears. But not before a great pyramid had been built of swimmers' bodies and then brought to the ground in a heap!


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