Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Leaving Her Mark

This rock gets repainted every year during the last week of school. Morgan's participation in the painting of the rock is just one reminder that she'll be moving on to high school in August. Other reminders include constant emails and letters from the director of the marching band and the coach for cross country. We've even received her schedule for next year, though we did have to remind them to assign her to a math class.

Middle school has been great for Morgan, and for us. She headed into 6th grade ready and willing to face anything that would come her way. We, on the other hand, were incredibly nervous about our first, little girl going to that big school with all those big kids. Well, three years later she's still pretty small relative to the other kids at her school, but this year she's one of the big kids, and she's doing just fine. Better than that really.

I have no worries about this child making her way in high school and look forward to all it will bring. Her father, on the other hand may not be so eager.


Anonymous David said...

High la la I can't hear you....


No worries; she's ready.

12:01 AM  

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