Saturday, September 22, 2007

All Wet

Fifteen brave souls left town this morning headed for yet another weekend on the New and Gauley Rivers. By now they've arrived at the outfitters and are getting ready to start today's adventure. After getting their feet wet (pun totally intended) today, they'll eat well, rest well, and get up tomorrow ready to face bigger, better rapids. They'll come home thumping their chests dreaming of jobs that allow for this kind of fun every weekend and on the days in between!

Monday morning will come quickly and will hit hard. Such reality is never pretty! Soon the fantasies of the dream job on the river will fade and they'll begin making plans for next fall's river trip.

* for the record, that non-paddling wee thing in the raft is Morgan. David took her last year for Bridge Day and she loved it. For being such a petite and frail looking child she sure is quick to chase tornadoes and swim with sharks! She and her daddy get along great!


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