Friday, September 21, 2007

No Coke, Pepsi

Tonight I worked the concession stand at the football game. This fall the marching band parents are responsible for manning the concession stand at the home games for football, field hockey, and volleyball. There may be other sports that have concessions, but I can't think of them.

Anyway, the evening was fun. We got there at 5pm for a 7:30 start time, and dragged ourselves out of there at 10:30. Some parents had been there since 3pm getting the food cooked and drinks iced. Spectators began arriving to the field as early as 6pm - for a 7:30 start! Being new to the whole football thing, I just stood back and took it all in and did what I was told! No really, I did!

I ended up being the order taker, which also meant I got to count up the tab in my head and give change. Not too bad. Mental math is always good exercise! (Lately my only exercise!) I had a good time working, and loved seeing all the people. Everyone was happy, until of course the end when one team had to leave and drive all the way home after losing unexpectedly!

The evening reminded me of the summer I spent living in Ocean City, MD. I worked as a waitress at The Doughroller which was a pancake and pizza restaurant. My side jobs included a soft crab stand next door which always needed extra help and a funnel cake shop. That's what the concession stand was like - working at those places. The pace was quick and it was all standing in one spot for a long time! But most of all the people were happy. After all, what unhappy person is going to buy a funnel cake or a soft crab sandwich?

We won the game 35-21. And then the rain came down and soaked the field.


Blogger Suma said...

Ya, mental math is a good exercise to mind and also to sharpen our brain...

suma valluru

6:16 AM  

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