Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Meet

Louisa, Orange and MHS met today at Grymes Memorial School. Here they are at the start. They'll pass this point twice more before looping around again and up the hill to the finish.

Here the runners haven't quite gotten to the one-mile mark. After this there's a gap in the pictures because I had to take Will to the men's room!

Here's Morgan heading up the hill at the end of the 3 miles. Another tough finish - the runners had to come up a hill and make a turn into the finish which was also uphill! At this point I realized that David had made it to the race and had been able to cheer Morgan on during my gap moments!

Still coming - it takes a while to get up the hills!

The coach always gives a short post-race talk. He was pleased. The runners all went out and did exactly what they were told to do. The girls ran in groups for the first mile and then found their own paces. This race was run after a 1-mile run and followed by a 2-mile cool down.

These girls are stud-ettes*!

*Speaking of stud-ettes - Morgan lost her toenail! In all my years running I have never lost a toenail. That's quite a milestone to have reached so young.


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