Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Pancake Breakfast

The cross country team had another fundraising pancake breakfast at Applebee's this morning. By the looks of things while we were there this one was not nearly as successful as the last one. Remember the last one? They raised over $900 for the team - for warm-ups and other uniform components.

Today the restaurant wasn't nearly as full. We wondered if it had something to do with the fact that (a) the volleyball team was hosting a similar event at the other Applebee's across town this morning, (b) there is a home football game today, (c) there wasn't as much advertising for this meal, or (d) maybe that so many groups use this fundraiser that it's just been overdone.

Who knows.

We went and we ate - it worked for us.

*It worked better for us this time because we brought our own milk. Some of us cranksters need milk in the morning...can you tell who in this picture might have been a bit cranky this morning? He'd be the same one who has just been put to bed for a nap. I'm thinking I got him up too early this morning. Chalk that up to the no choices category - the authorities typically frown upon mothers leaving their 4-year-olds home alone.


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