Monday, June 02, 2008

Water Day & Hike

Last Thursday was the Bright Stars' Water Day. Water Day is an annual event for our school's Bright Stars and Preschool Handicapped classes.

This year the preschoolers almost didn't get to have Water Day. Their teacher had decided that his kids (all 6 of them!) were too hard to control and that the parents wouldn't come to help. All this without even asking!

I didn't make a fuss. Will and his friend Gabe (who are not too hard to control) are in the class as reverse mainstream kids. Having participated for the past two years, they would definitely have noticed if they didn't get to participate in Water Day, so our plan was to keep the boys home that day. As the parent of a reverse mainstreamer, I have no leverage to complain about anything. Officially, my child doesn't count and doesn't matter. That doesn't mean that his teachers don't love him or care about him, it just means I can't really complain about not having a Water Day.

But, two of the other non-mainstream mothers did complain, and we got to have Water Day after all. They played in the pools, the water tables, the sprinkler, and they ate Popsicles and later had pizza, cake and ice cream.

Also on Thursday, Katherine's class got to miss class all day and hike on the Jefferson Trail. They came in second in the mile club challenge and won the hike as the prize! Morgan and I took a few minutes on the way to the doctor's office to run down to the pond and get a quick picture just as the classes were heading back up the trail!


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