Sunday, May 31, 2009

Run Like A Girl

Morgan, Caroline & I got up early this morning to drive to Pocahontas State Park for the Run Like A Girl 8K. Morgan ran it last year and had such a fun race that we all decided we should run it this year. The plan was for Morgan to run her own quicker pace, and for us to follow at our own slower pace!

At the start we realized that the field had grown from last year's 400 runners to over a 1,000! The runners were divided into waves by age! The girls were in the second wave, and I was in the third! Morgan beat her time from last year by several minutes. Caroline enjoyed her run, running up the hills and walking down. I walked up most of the hills and ran the downhills! This was a trail run, which brought back fond memories of running cross-country back in high school!We didn't win any age group awards (last year Morgan placed second in her age group!), but we did come away with a gift certificate for BRMS and a cool Montrail cap!

The downside of running a race with the girls is that I couldn't take pictures of them running. We settled for pictures of our post-run sweaty selves!

We're definitely running this one again next year!


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