Sunday, July 05, 2009

EMBHSSC week one - updates daily

Katherine's getting a taste of university life this week and next. I dropped her off at UVA for the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp.

There were 260 applicants for the 50 spots. We know several of the other kids, including two boys from K's school, two girls from Caroline's school, and a boy and a girl from our church!

After getting swipe cards for every imaginable need, and getting unpacked, the kids explored the TV room! Then there were roommates to meet!
Katherine's roommate is from northern Virginia!

Once everyone was unpacked we headed off to the welcome reception where there was food!! The girls had been wondering if they'd be getting lunch!

K and her roommate claimed front row seats!

Parents were given the run down of the weeks' events, introduced to counselors, and then told to leave!!

Monday Update: Katherine has figured out how to call home - which she did at 6:50 this morning! Good thing I was already awake! Today's report: "We played with acid!" and "I ate noodles, mashed potatoes and french fries for dinner!"

Tuesday Update: K called this morning at 6:35 to say good morning and to tell me she was tired. David was out running with Morgan so he missed the call. Today the young engineers participated in an egg drop - they could only use 6 pieces of paper and 1 meter of tape. I'll have to wait to find out what the goal was. They also "messed with fire" using Bunsen burners and marshmallows - something about temperature changing experiments. Today the girl ate like a normal person - shredded carrots (?), spaghetti, cheeseburger & fries, and cereal - almost. Tonight they went bowling. She called while David and Morgan were out driving (!), so he missed her again. After we talked she was heading to the lounge to watch TV, and said her dad could call anytime up to 11pm!

Wednesday Update: After a scary hiccup last night (where we got a late-night call and David had to bring meds for K to self-medicate... and no sir you may not go see your daughter) today turned out to be just fine. I was a bit worried (all night long!) since we did just come from that other camp where every other kid came down with the flu. K called this morning already feeling better and called tonight, sounding just peachy! The campers went to Richmond today to the Science Museum. I'm not sure what all they saw, except for a SegWay. I'm counting on reading K's journal when she gets home. They also stopped at McD's (icky enough) but did not get to order their own food - K ended up with a double cheeseburger with pickles and mustard! I wouldn't mind the mustard and pickles but K is a ketchup only girl.

Thursday Update: Today the campers made ice cream. When I asked if we couldn't just make some at home I was reminded that we don't often have liquid nitrogen in our cabinets! K said it was good and seemed disappointed that there wasn't a larger serving! They continued to work on their solar cars, and went to a fitness class - kickboxing, I think. We got our evening call early because they were all going to the observatory for a lecture and to look at the night sky. I'm pretty sure they didn't see much since it was so cloudy today. Katherine's comments on the food, after telling me she ate noodles and fries again for dinner, was that it was "repetitive." I'm wondering why she's not choosing different foods...she asked for lasagna tomorrow night.

Friday Update: When I got over to the dorm to get K, the kids weren't there. After about 10 minutes they all came walking up the hill, very happy to see their parents. Today they had a chemistry lab and went to an organic farm near Lynchburg - K brought me a flower! Then they had a step class. We packed up all of her used clothing and checked out for the weekend! There were lots of hugs and calls of "See you on Sunday!" When Katherine had settled into the van she commented that she was glad to be riding since they had walked everywhere except to bowling, Richmond and Lynchburg. No wonder she's so tired!


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