Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emerald Isle - Day 6

Some of us had to take it easy today, as in stay off the beach. We have big plans for tomorrow and just cannot let too much sun ruin what is sure to be a fun day!

We always have binoculars nearby and it's a good thing. There's always a ship of some sort out on the horizon. Uncle Bill, is handy to have around because he can always tell us what kind of ships are out there, especially if it's a military ship.

Grandmama tried to enjoy the warm breezes on the deck while reading her book. Her calm and quiet didn't last long. Where there's Will, there's chatter.

David & Morgan went off to explore the sound in their kayaks. After a while Will and I walked down to where they put in to see what we could see. There they were, off in the distance. They came closer and Morgan shouted that she found something for Will. What is it?! She'd found a shell on a small island in the sound. Then Will found another, larger one in the sand by his feet. We took them both back to the house. On the way we met our little beach friend Corbin, who immediately told us that the little shell had something living inside. Bummer - we returned him to his home. At least we still had the big one.

The second puzzle of 2010. Shells.

We used to always celebrate Grandmama's birthday at the beach, but since we moved our vacation into July we get to celebrate Granddaddy's birthday instead. Today we celebrated his birthday a few days early. He got silly bandz!


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