Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gracie Chews, part five

You knew it was coming, didn't you?
Gracie's done it again...and again!

I've held off commenting about Gracie since receiving an email letting me know that I was jeopardizing one family's chances of ever getting a dog.

I'm sorry. I can't hold off any longer. This is the latest damage: one of Will's football guys, a tube of Blistex, a tube of hand lotion, a headband, kite string, another pencil, a rubber ball, a pen, a tube of Dr. Pepper flavored chapstick, a small cat, a pipe cleaner, a game piece, and more. I won't even show you my shoe.

One might think that if we cleaned up our clutter Gracie wouldn't have anything to find. Wrong! Gracie epitomizes stealth. She lurks and creeps. Watch out if you catch her mid-creep because when she's on a mission you are the enemy -really!

Stay tuned for more on the creeping canine! Grrr.


Anonymous Wags Outside said...

If you're not careful I'm going to post a photo of you with Gracie napping sweetly in your lap....

6:20 PM  

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