Friday, April 27, 2007

16 Years Ago Today

Who are those young people?

Our wedding day was just perfect. Almost all of my favorite people were there, most notably absent being my mother's parents who were not in good enough health to travel across the country.

The only mishap was my Aunt Linda's heel getting stuck between the bricks - not a problem, my dad dug it out with his key, and on we went.

If anything else went wrong, I didn't know about it, and didn't care.

I found out afterward that it had started to rain just before the ceremony, but it stopped before we ladies made our way to the Chapel. The rain would have put a damper on the outside garden reception, but we would have made do inside!

The reception was perfect. We held it within walking distance from the chapel on The Lawn at The Colonnade Club. The club has a beautiful garden surrounded by serpentine walls. The flowers were in full bloom. I'm told the food was good, but I don't remember. My mother-in-law says it was the longest reception she's ever attended, but I blame that on the endless receiving line! I guess we stayed until after 6, but since we really didn't have anywhere to be until the next morning, and many of our relatives and friends had come from far, far away, it made sense to stay.

Still, in the end it was good to get away and be by ourselves...and to settle into the newness being husband and wife.

*The photographer was Jim Carpenter of Gitchell's Studio. He was also the Grand Marshall of the Dogwood Parade which was being held that day which meant he had to skip out of our reception. The upside of that was that we had 2 photographers for the price of one!


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