Thursday, April 26, 2007

If it's Tuesday....

So the girls won all three of their games on Saturday! Yay Orange!

Having determined that they won, in part, because they did not get worn out from all the running, which he attributed to the running they do in practice, their coach had them run 3 laps instead of the usual two!!

The girls were not thrilled but picked up their sticks and cradled their way around the field three times!

She looks so sweet and dainty in her cute green flowered skirt.

Just when you think you know someone really well, they can go and pull a fast one on you! This one, sweet as she is, decided she wanted to play goalie* on Tuesday. So she went from being all sweet and pretty to being Gladiator Girl! OOH! Watch out world!

Surprised I was, definitely! This is, after all the girl got beaned in the arm on Saturday and had to leave the field to get ice - and what a wonderful bruise that was! So who is this child anyway?

She had a good time in the goal, managing to defend the shots thrown by the bigger girls. Coach put her in the older girls' scrimmage because I was there and because the other little goalie didn't have any parents present. Katherine came away with good sense of the position and with only one really good new bruise...on her hip! How that could happen with all those pads, I don't know.


This one just gets better and better with every practice! She was really on the ball today, and having a great time!

*What is it with these girls?


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