Thursday, April 26, 2007

Project 365: April 25

The entire 3rd grade went to Newport News yesterday. They left school at 7:30 and got back just before 5. What a long day! Here she is after the long ride home. The students spent the day at the VA Living Museum and had a blast. Katherine passed on touching a snake, but did get to pet a skunk.

Speaking of skunks...David had Gracie outside last night and saw some movement on the other side of the yard. Thinking it was a groundhog (since we have lots of them!) he and the dog decided to rush the beast.

Oops! When they got about 15 feet from the animal David realized what it was and high-tailed it into the house. They were fast enough thank goodness to avoid the stench that was to envelop our yard for the next 12 hours! It must have been a really slow skunk.

That scare brought back memories of The Partridge Family episode when the skunk climbed aboard the family bus....thank goodness we didn't have to invest in any tomato juice!


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