Thursday, April 26, 2007

If it's Thursday...


The 4/5 team members were lucky enough to have a sub so everyone got to get a water break during the scrimmage. That was a good thing because they were busting theirs...all over the field! L was in the goal and was fantastic! CD(in pink shorts) stayed on my Caroline, and vice versa. They all hustled!


The 2/3 team had a fun time scrimmaging today, too. Little Emma was in the goal for the first time and did really well! There were 4 pairs on the field which gave the girls a lot of room to move around and get open to catch the ball or to try to shoot. One of the funniest things about these scrimmages is that when one side has made the requisite number of passes and has been given the all-clear to shoot, ("Orange, you can shoot!"), the other team (white) just stands there and lets them shoot! Too funny. They just don't have a good understanding of their role, I guess. Or didn't - they do now!


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