Monday, April 23, 2007

Project 365: April 23

Yesterday we had our very first dinner outside for the season! It was Morgan's idea, and a great one it was.
We had burgers, fries, pasta salad, beans & chips - like we need fries and chips! We did not have the yummy ice cream that K and I picked out. That'll have to wait until tonight.

After eating, half of us went on a walk in the "forest" to do who knows what. I encouraged them to take Gracie, which they did. Somehow they didn't catch the hint though, and they brought her back! Alas.

The travelers didn't make it very far into the forest for they spotted the zipline. There they stayed until it began to get dark. Will told me later that he had gone on the zipline all by himself and that his Daddy caught him and dropped him. I asked, "On your head?" "No mommy, on my sandals!"

Here's a BONUS picture! It's gotten a lot greener back there since the last time I took a picture of the backyard!


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