Friday, April 20, 2007

United in Grief

All around town today, everywhere I went, there were people dressed in marooon and orange. Even Will and his preschool classmate Gabe were in their Hokie colors. Before today we didn't have "Hokie" colors. We do have a lot of orange, and gold & black - I wonder why?! We have exactly 3 maroon shirts - Will's t-neck over which he wore an orange T, K's old soccer jersey over which she wore her current lacrosse jersey & Morgan's long sleeved shirt under which she wore an orange cami. That left Caroline wearing only orange. Oh well. She didn't mind and what she was wearing really wasn't the point, was it?!

I don't know who created this picture - I received it via several emails today. If anyone knows, please tell me and I'll include the proper credit.


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