Thursday, April 19, 2007

If it's Thursday

Last Thursday, Caroline got to gear up in her goalie garb again. She really enjoys playing in the goal. Maybe she thinks it makes her look tough! She does look a lot bigger this year than she did last year! I'm finding that I'm not flinching nearly as much as I did last summer when she and Morgan were both playing goalie!

Anyway, back to last Thursday. Practice as usual. It was rainy and a bit cold when we started out, but once everyone got moving it wasn't too bad - really nice weather for practice.*

Caroline & her friend Molly were both playing goalie at practice.

Katherine took being on the orange team to heart on this day and dressed in orange from head to toe! She had a great practice too! Here you can barely see her orange pants and green stick head peeking behind the girl who was guarding her! And there she is (center)throwing the ball to her teammate Caroline. There are 3 Carolines on this team and 2 Emmas! It makes it really easy to cheer but a bit difficult to yell out substitutions!

*The girls did end up stripping off their sweatshirts after about 30 minutes! There's just too much running around to be bundled up!


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