Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dinner Out

After practice on Thursday we had to go shopping. No really, we did!

David and I had to find softball gloves for our first softball game* on Friday night! So we went up to Play It Again Sports to see what we could find. We came away with 2 gloves, a ball, an orange shirt for K for game days, cleats for 2, and a cool lacrosse practice game.

By the time we were done shopping we were all famished, especially Will who needs food every 3 minutes these we headed to our new favorite pizza place - Fabio's! We scarfed down an huge appetizer and halves of 2 extra large pizzas. It was so good, and good again on Friday for lunch!

*Just in case anyone is wondering how the softball game went. I did get a base hit using a sexy bat and a ladies ball, and despite certain stories going around, I did not argue (too much) with the ump!


Anonymous Valorie said...

Hey. Why didn't I know you were playing softball? V

1:31 PM  

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