Friday, May 11, 2007

A Reason to Eat

We played softball again tonight. We had several people who couldn't make the game for one reason or another so everyone was tense as the team began to arrive. Would we have enough players? Our manager said everyone was going to have to play the whole game. He even pitched with a broken finger! At one point we were ready to start and David still wasn't there - and he was going to have to be catcher for both teams! As it turned out everyone ended up with enough players so he caught only for us, and I only played 2 innings and never got to bat - again. I guess I'm not ready to peak yet! Oh, and we won 15-0. We have won more games this year than were won in the past two years combined. Imagine how well we'll do when I get up to the plate!

Actually the best part of this game was that there were 2 other women playing on our team - and two on the other team. Finally! Really, it adds so much to have a woman on the team - we get to use the cutest ball ever, and we can wear pink shirts without getting ribbed. Not only that, we keep things light. Those boys can really take the game too seriously.

After the game we headed to TipTop for dinner. The men were parched and joined other teammates at their tables in order to get drinks faster. The starving children and stoic women held it together and waited patiently for a table. The kids were seated at one table and the 4 adults at another. At one point, my friend, Carter's Mom, looked over and said, "There's a strange man approaching your daughter!" I looked over and sure enough, our friend and the girls' coach, Mark, was giving Katherine a big bear hug and asking her how she liked yesterday's practice.

Once home, we iced tomorrow's drinks, took the dog out and headed to bed. I think the catcher has fallen asleep in the boy's room. If I'm really quiet I can have the bed all to myself for a few hours!


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