Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday's Games

It's Saturday afternoon, and again we find ourselves at the lacrosse fields. Today the girls were scheduled to play three games. We wondered as we watched the sky whether we'd get even two games played before the officials called the game. We knew we'd play through rain, but we wouldn't be able to continue through thunder or lightning.

Luck was with us, most of us think so anyway, and we were able to play all three games. The middle one was played in the rain, but none of us got soaked and the rain stopped during the third game.

Again the girls played well. For the most part they are remembering the things they learned in practice and they are thinking about the plays. They've come so far since the beginning of the season, I really hate that it's about to end! Of course, there's always summer lacrosse!

Notice the pink stick? That's my stick, purloined by Caroline in the first game, Katherine in the second, and again by Caroline in the third. It's a good thing they don't play the same games!

Red v. Orange/white (45)

This was a good game. I enjoyed it because I really saw Caroline come alive. She got a goal, which I actually witnessed! Usually I'm too busy telling the girls who they're going in for to watch most of the game. But this one I saw! And then later, she and another girl took turn after turn trying to get another goal. They didn't get the goal but their determination was awesome to watch. They just kept battering the ball at the goalie, who kept saving it! I know they were all pleased! Can't you just tell by their swagger as they came off the field?!

Navy v. Orange (23)

Here's Katherine's game. Again notice the pink stick, high up in the air! I told her it was a magic stick. She seemed to like that idea and gave it a good workout! Notice in the middle picture - the ball is in the pink stick's net!!! And then in the third picture, she's winging it to a teammate. Also notice the girl in the foreground with the black ankle sock. This was her first game ever - she was sidelined with an infection and surgery early in the season - after only one practice, but came in today and played like she'd been playing all season! What a super sport she is!

Orange v. Navy(45)

Not many pictures of this game - I put the camera away when the rain was coming down pretty hard and then forgot about it! These pictures show Caroline bringing the ball down the field and holding onto it while waiting patiently for a teammate to get open. So many times a player will just want to get rid of the ball right away, without waiting for an open pass, and then the team will lose the ball to the other side. Caroline played well to wait for the right opportunity.

Oh, I forgot to say: We won all 3 games, which means we're undefeated! Not that I'm competitive or anything! Now picture the cute wiggle dance while singing "We're undefeated"! Seriously, I know it's not all about winning. We still have three more games, which we could win, or lose. Either way we've had a great season! We've got a great team, a wonderful coach, and whole lot of great assistant coaches. I almost wish Caroline wasn't graduating to the middle school team next year! I'll get to stick around though because K's still got another 2 years before she heads on up!


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