Saturday, May 12, 2007

Project 365: May 12

Nothing tastes so good as dinner out after a good game. Except maybe dinner out after three great games! Here we are again at the Crimson Canary, after having a go at onion rings, spinach dip and mozzarella sticks. And all that was before ordering our meal. We were all famished and ate quietly, except for Will who somehow managed to fall out of his chair. Once the boy got some food in his system, he calmed down and had a great time sandwiched between Calvin and Bailey.

I'm sure the waitstaff just cringes when they see 8 kids come in, but our waitress needn't have worried. These kids all know how to behave and they do! They were actually extra quiet on this night because they thought (!) that the manager would give them each $5 if they stayed quiet. I'm not sure how that idea came into being, but it sure did make for a quiet dinner!


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