Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So there we were, Will and I, driving to the barber shop after my PTO meeting and straightening out the sports photographer. Will's been needing a cut for a long time and I figured I could take just as well as David. Besides, he took Katherine to get her hair cut the other day, got points, and did just fine. So we headed to see Earl.

Then we got a call from Gabey's mom, and it turned out she had to go shopping and Gabey needed a haircut. Great, we told her, meet at Staples. Two is definitely better than one! Besides we had cars and books - everything necessary for the almost 1-hour wait for our turn! The boys were numbers 56 and 57. Lucky for them, and me, 52, 53, 54 & 55 we all waiting for Frank!

Here they are prior to getting in the chairs...and during...

and here they are after their cuts! Wow! What a difference! There was quite a bit of hair on the floor under their seats!

They both looked pretty serious when they were in the chairs, and I thought for a moment that it was a mistake for Gabey to be there without his mom, but they actually enjoyed the experience and both want to go back. Remember the lollipops - one for each hand!

No one is quite sure about these haircuts. The mommies were a bit sad to see their babies look so grown up - "4 is big mommy," Will keeps telling me. And even the daddies were a bit taken aback by the new look. The best was the little boy at preschool who kept following Gabey around asking, "Gabe, Gabe, where did your hair go?"


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