Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Like Father, Like Son

Grandparents have it pretty good, I think. They get to look at their grandchildren and see their own children all over again. As parents, we have only pictures to compare our children to ourselves as young ones.

It's hard sometimes to accept the reality that our children will grow up, that they'll develop their own ideas, and that they'll eventually leave us for a better life. I look at my children and want to freeze them at this moment: Will wanting his back rubbed until he's fully awake in the morning or Katherine gently caressing her baby, Kate... and that moment: Caroline reading in an almost upside down position or Morgan lovingly painting her sister's toenails.

I can't imagine them not being children any longer. But look at Morgan, she's already on her way to becoming her own person. She's making thoughtful decisions and has a pretty good idea of what's right and wrong. Before we know it she'll be moving on: going to college, getting married, and bringing little Morgans to visit! While I relish the thought of being a grandmother I am in no hurry to become one. I do however look forward to the days when I will again see my own children as little ones in the faces of my grandchildren.

*That's David riding the trike. In the basket is one of those pull-along wooden dog toys. Will played with that same toy just the other evening!


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