Monday, April 16, 2007

Project 365: April 16

I've been ironing an awful lot lately. Here are just some of the dresses I ironed this weekend. We (that would be the other "we", the one that deosn't include me!) pulled the boxes of spring & summer clothing out of the attic recently, and having been thrust into the boxes at the end of last season, these dresses were crying out for a touch up with the iron!

Normally, I do not iron very often. As a result I'm really not very good at it. In fact, I'm so awful at it that my husband doesn't like me to iron his shirts. Oh darn!

I learned though, that if I want my daughters to wear any of these dresses this season, I'd better get up off my tush, turn off the soaps, put the bonbons away, and hit the stack.


Anonymous David said...

Who pulled those umpteen boxes out of the attic?


3:05 PM  

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