Friday, February 29, 2008

Project 365: Day 60 - February 29

This is a well-deserved rest.

Gracie went for a playdate with Doc, who is at least twice as big, maybe bigger. They never stop moving when they are together and Gracie always needs a good long rest afterwards!

After being brought home, Gracie decided that the open front door (I was unloading groceries)was a call to freedom, so she answered.

I had things to do and did not walk more than a quarter mile looking for her, knowing she'd come back eventually.

Sure enough, about an hour later I heard a loud thump on my front door. It was Doc bringing Gracie home.

I brought Gracie inside and got a leash on Doc, and walked Doc home. Yup, more walking! Well, it turns out that Doc's mom had found Gracie and put her in the yard with Doc. Somehow, and we still don't know how, they got out!

Lucky for us they came home and banged on the door! Gracie crashed until suppertime!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project 365: Day 59 - February 28

The boys decided to get into the rubber alphabet stamps and stamp pads.

They then stamped their names, grew weary of the task, and abandoned the stamps for rescue heroes.

I think I need my own rescue hero to follow the boys around and pick up after them!

Wandering The Halls

Do you remember the project that took over the kitchen?

No?! Then go back and read this, and this, if you want a reminder.

I was wandering the halls yesterday afternoon at school, waiting for Katherine's DI team to finish up for the day, when I saw the finished project just hanging there crying out for some attention! Luckily, I had my camera with me!

So, here it is. The finished K-Wag Wanderer.

Project 365: Day 58 - February 27

What do you think this is?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Project 365: Day 57 - February 26

This is the face of a man totally disgusted.

He said something about bandwidth... and that's where I stopped listening.

I didn't stop caring so much, just listening. I figured that there wasn't a whole lot I could do to help him out and since I've already made up my mind about the upcoming presidential election I didn't really want to hear or see the debate.

He's made up his mind too, but for some reason he still likes to see and hear all the fluff.

Learning All The Time

Katherine learned so much at practice today.

First, she learned to be careful where she pointed her butt.

No really!

Then she learned about fingers and hands and where they need to be...
this is your finger...
this is your finger on your stick.

Project 365: Day 56 - February 25

This is the boy patiently sitting through Katherine's lacrosse practice.

He was perfectly happy to sit and eat his crackers and drink his water and watch...

until it was time to collect the orange cones.

He loves to collect the orange cones!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Project 365: Day 55 - February 24

Today is Molly's 12th Birthday!

This girl found an egg basket and some embroidered hankies at a nearby antique mall. Then she came home and made egg-shaped cookies. Later she iced them and wrapped them individually and filled the basket.

All the kids made cards, most of which had a chicken or egg theme!

Word is that Molly didn't get but ONE of her twelve cookies!

Half Marathon Today

I was supposed to run another half marathon today, but after considering the amount of training that I've gotten in lately (or at all since November's run), I decided that I'd better not.

So David said he'd run for me. He's such a great guy!

I was looking forward to getting my best time ever!

Bummer...he just came in gave us his time (a PR for him!) and then admitted being able to change the registration from my name to his.

I guess if I want a great time, I'd better get off my duff!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Project 365: Day 54 - February 23

Today we had our first cookie booth. We started out with 177 boxes and, over the course of the next 4 hours, sold 137 of them! We ran out of Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites (Samoas)and Peanut Butter Patties (Tag-a-longs) and had over a case of Shortbreads (Trefoils) leftover!

The first crew stayed from 9:30 until 11:30, battling the cold, while chugging hot chocolate and fighting over who could count the money! In general Girl Scouts get along much better than that, but for those who don't know us well, our first crew was made up of two sets of sisters!

The second crew (11:30 - 1:30) had the difficult job of explaining to customers that we were out of the favorites, but also had pleasure of telling them where the other booths were located!

So, now we have 40 boxes of cookies left, and another booth coming up in two weeks. How many more boxes should I commit these girls to selling?

Project 365: Day 53 - February 22

Katherine went to the orthodontist for the first time today.

I was not allowed to bring my camera in with us so we have no real pictures, except those taken by the technician. The end result is, that the child will be in braces before too long, and you must settle for this pitiful excuse for a picture.

It doesn't really count for the Project 365 since I didn't take it, but I'm sure there are a few extra pictures on here somewhere that'll make up for this rogue photo!

Project 365: Day 52 - February 21

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Project 365: Day 51 - February 20

Lunar Eclipse

9:07 pm

9:24 pm

9:35 pm

9:49 pm

Project 365: Day 50 - February 19

Not the best picture and certainly not the most exciting subject, but it's been one of those days!

These are the items that I made for the middle school silent auction coming up later this week.

My hope is that at least two people like each item so that there will be some decent bidding! It's hard to tell what kinds of jewelry will appeal to people!

Wish us luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Project 365: Day 49 - February 18

25 Years - A Celebration

Valorie has worked for the Trustee*as Financial Officer for 25 years! To honor her hard work and committment, some of her friends decided to throw her a party!

A surprise party!

After a bit of conniving and outright lying, Valorie was escorted today to the restaurant by HP (Trustee #2), where I met them both. We were then led to the back of the restaurant into a dark room where, all of the sudden a large group of very strange people shouted "Surprise!" causing Valorie to want to run back the way we'd come! Keep in mind that I took no direct part in the deceiving of the financial officer. That wouldn't be right. I just didn't speak to her for two that I wouldn't have to lie!

After a scrumptious meal and some very kind words, Valorie was treated to original and likely never to be duplicated performances by HB (Trustee #3) and his staff.

It's a good thing I can't upload the videos of this celebration. If I could, anyone who ever thought that I might have ever had a real, serious, wear-a-suit-type job in my past, would never think that again! Just so you know, things have changed so much since I was there!

Since there's no video, I'll post more pictures!

*"The Trustee" has actually been three different people over the last 25 years!

Project 365: Day 48 - February 17

Why I cannot get to the computer!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Holiday Lake 50K++

After weeks of thinking and re-thinking his running plans, and a night of absolutely no sleep, this handsome guy was ready to get on with the run! The Holiday Lake 50K+ is mostly run on trails and dirt roads, which of course is very different from any other race he's ever run.

Morgan and I stayed in a hotel in nearby Appomattox hoping for a better night's sleep than the runners would get. It wasn't to be. We were so nervous that we might oversleep and miss the start of the race that we were both awake just about every hour!

We got to the camp around 5:50 and found David almost right away. He looked great, though he was a bit nervous. He filled his water bottle with Gatorade and then thought better of that and poured it all back into the original bottle!

At 6:30 the runners took off up the road to the first trail. There were so many runners trying to run onto the singletrack trail that there was a huge back up which had to have added several minutes to each runner's time. The runners must each finish the first half in 3.5 hours and get to the 8th aid station by 5.5 hours.

One of the nice things about this race is that the runners' crews can actually get to all of the aid stations. For this race that meant we would see David every 2.7 to 3.5 miles.

Aid station #1 came at 3.5 miles. David didn't stop except to hand over his headlamp. He was afraid he had lost too much time on the trail. Once he passed, Morgan and I climbed into the van and drove to the next aid station to wait.

Aid station #2 was at the intersection of two dirt roads. The station workers had built a small fire for warmth and, as at all of the stations, had an assortment of drinks and snacks available. There was water, Gatorade, Clifshot drink, something called Conquest, Coke and Mountain Dew. Snacks included gummy bears, pretzels, chips, fruit and pb&js. They even had a supply of pain killers, stomach upset aids and toilet paper!

Aid station #3 came at around 9 miles into the run.

Aid station #4 came at around 12.1 miles. Morgan took notes of David's comments as he ran by us. At this aid station he exclaimed, "This is awesome!"

I think he's having a good time!

David made it to the halfway point in plenty of time to make the cutoff! He looked pretty good. I wondered how it felt mentally to know that he'd just run 17 miles and had to turn around and do it all again backwards.

As crew, we were supposed to be prepared to help him with anything he'd need during the run. The aid stations really had everything to fill a belly and give energy, so he really didn't require much of us during the race. The only thing he wanted was clean, dry socks at the half. I'd left them in the van, which I had parked almost a quarter mile up the hill.

So when he yelled "I need socks!!" as he crossed over into the aid station, I took off running for the van. It was a pitiful feeling not to be able to run all the way to the van without stopping. I felt so badly that I couldn't get back down there faster. I got to the van, and then I drove back down the hill, parked illegally and met Morgan who then ran the socks to David. The poor guy was stressing after that because the whole stop took 9 minutes, which was more time than he wanted to spend lollygagging about!

Aid station #6 (#4 on the first loop) came just after mile 19. David was finally hot enough to take off his outer layer, but still cold enough to keep his gloves on. At this station the station chief was cooking hamburgers for the runners. In the time that we were there waiting we only saw 2 runners actually eat parts of a burger!

At around 22 miles in to the race, aid station # 7 (#3 on first loop) provided a nice selection on snacks.

Here he is coming into station #8 - looking good!

Morgan had to make sure he was ok and had everything he needed to get to the next station. She's good crew!

Here's David going into the trail after the last aid station. At this point he had less than 4 miles to run before crossing the finish line.

He didn't seem to accept that wasn't very far!

When we saw David at the top of the hill, Morgan decided to run him in. I had told her that I would take pictures of him running down the hill until he got to a certain tree and then I would run to the finish line to get a few at the end. So when she saw me still standing there taking pictures, she yelled at me to run to the finish!

He looks kind of scary coming across the finish line, but I guess I would too!

What an accomplishment!

Now that this one's over he's seriously considering a longer run!! Too cool!

Project 365: Day 47 - February 16

It's 6:20 AM.

These 260+ runners are about to embark on a 34 mile trail run which will take them anywhere from 3 hours 40 minutes (!) to as long as 7.5!

In order to see in the woods (and hopefully not fall and break an ankle!) until the sun comes up they all have their own headlamp!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Project 365: Day 46 - February 15

Cookies Galore

Project 365: Day 45 - February 14

I was going to just post the picture but Katherine said I should tell you what was in the packages.

So here goes...

The three small ones were for Morgan, Caroline & Katherine and they were not a huge surprise! In fact, the girls were with me when I bought the three silver initial pendants and chains. They are so pretty!

Thinking that Will did not need a silver necklace with an initial pendant, I bought him 2 Valentine's Day books. One was a Scooby Doo book in which he took great delight!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sharing the Love

Our Girl Scout troop spent the evening volunteering with PACEM at our church. The girls helped hand out sweaters to the men as they came into the fellowship hall.

Then they helped serve dinner, handing out crackers and sandwiches and cookies!

The helped bag up the extras for tomorrow's lunches and then they played cards with our friend Tommy. Tommy has been a guest ever since we started hosting PACEM and has even joined one of our Bible Study classes. He's always glad to see us and he's very friendly with the kids.

After a great game of Rummy and several of Uno, the girls said goodbye to Tommy and helped pack up lunches for the next two days.

The girls all had a great time and wanted to come back the next night! We'll be back next year, for sure!