Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy Hair Day and Twin Day

This week is spirit week! On Tuesday the kids had Crazy Hair Day, Wednesday was Pajama Day and Friday is going to be Different Shoe Day. Since there was nothing fun planned for Thursday, Katherine's teacher decided they would have Twin Day!

Will's hair matched his tie-dyed UVA field trip shirt and Katherine's was pink and blue with one ponytail and one braid.

Katherine's twin was her friend Cassidy. They both wore K's Orange Crush Tshirts and Cassidy and her sister's shorts and shoes.

The fun week will end with the annual Spring Festival at school!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Promise Land

Yesterday afternoon David and Morgan left work and school early to head down to Bedford for today's running of the Promise Land 50K. David was running and Morgan was his crew. Here they are just before the 5:30 start. He ran and she went back to sleep!

Pretty mountain. The runners ran up and down that big hill!

Here's David at the end with the race director and extreme runner David Horton.
If you want catch David's take on the race read this.

Another Busy Day

Our first stop today was K's soccer game. The pictures weren't so great since I was using Morgan's camera. Somehow the viewfinder is messed up so you cannot see what you are taking a picture of! It makes for some really odd pictures! My camera went with Morgan and David -more on that later.

Next, we skipped the parade and hit Joe's baseball game. They won!

After that, we headed out to Ivy to gather Will. He had spent the night with Grandmama and Granddaddy so that he could make it to his own soccer game. We stayed for a little while so every one could play in the water! That's not Morgan - it's Molly!

Next stop - Home of the Keswick Chicken. We watched Daisy learn to swim and got to hold the little chickies. Will even got to use a power tool!

Mama Chicken is doing a great job of teaching her chicks!

We came home and within minutes Will and Katherine had fallen asleep - so it was just me and Caroline, waiting patiently for David and Morgan to come home.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Softball Girl

We started our evening watching girls' softball - specifically this girl's softball. After I took this pic she hit a single, and then came on home! Yay, Mary!

Then we went to the big kids' game - our first of the season. We won!

Caroline took these pics with my phone - great angle don't you think?! I always forget that there are only 2 strikes - it usually takes me that many to figure things out!

If you look carefully you can see the ball coming to the first baseman, he got it before I got there. Never did get on base. So, we won. Good start to our season!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and underneath the moon...

This morning was the annual volunteer breakfast at the elementary school. There's always a wonderful spread of food! The different classes come in and entertain the volunteers with songs and skits and poetry. Here's Will's class singing Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink. That's Will on the end -it's no surprise that the teacher is right behind him!

The kids were precious. After singing they all came into the audience and gave lots of hugs!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

BMS v. Village

We played hard against Village today, but lost the game.

My favorite picture of the day - check out the ref's face!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Go Orange Sharks!

Such determination!

Such style!!

Such enthusiasm! Will just can't help but keep score. He started out yelling it and holding up fingers every time his team scored! After I told him he wasn't supposed to be keeping score he just held up fingers.

Since only 6 kids made it the week of pictures (also the week of spring break) we had another photo op!

Maroon Girls

I arrived at Katherine's game partway into the first half. I could find K anywhere on the field or sidelines. She was in the goal. She looked pretty calm and confident. Not me. It's one thing to be in the lax goal with all those pads covering you. Totally different business to be in there with only gloves on!

We were all relieved when the half was over.

It was a good game - I think they won. I know they had fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Daisy & The Chicklettes

As if having a new baby duck wasn't excitement enough, Keswick Chicken's Mama-wanna-be chicken Angel hatched two adopted eggs today. Their names? Maybe Henry and Mudge, but what if they're girls? No word yet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now We Are Almost Six!

After I picked Morgan up from school and took her to the doctor for a strep test - everybody's favorite past time - I headed to the pharmacy for prescriptions. While waiting I did some shopping - because that's what you do while you wait, and we always need bread and milk. I picked up some drinks for the sickie and some shampoo, because the girls downstairs must be drinking it we need it so often!

Upon finally collecting Will and Katherine, the boy asked what I got at the store. I told him drinks, bread and shampoo.

"Oh," he said, always wanting to spell things, "S-A-M-P-O-O---P".


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Little Duck

Are YOU my mother?

Off to see the world...

So snuggly.

Sleepy girl!

I want one too!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Pics

Egg Dyeing - lots of family fun dyeing 36 hard boiled eggs!

Egg Hunt #1 - Just for Will since he was going to miss the big church egg hunt.

Game Night
Battleship and Clue!! Col. Mustard did it in the Guest House with Poison!

Easter Morning! Baskets and Picture!

Bubble Blowing Fun! David and the girls went to church and then to David's parents' for dinner so Will and I were home alone for most of the day. We listened to the service and then he watched a movie while I cleaned up the sewing area. Then we just had to get outside - blowing bubbles is always fun. I don't remember ever not knowing how, but clearly it's a learned behavior! Then we made a fun craft that his friend Carter had brought for him. That was lots of fun! Thanks Carter!

Egg Hunts #2 and #3! Will and Caroline and Katherine found 63 eggs out front and then Morgan hid most of them again out back for Katherine and Will - somewhere out there are two more eggs.

The best thing about the weekend is that the pox are gone and the boy is feeling better enough that he's definitely going to school tomorrow!!