Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Project 365: Day 120 - April 29

Project 365: Day 119 - April 28

Project 365: Day 118 - April 27

You might not be able to make out what Katherine wrote on her pie lid, but it was pretty clear to everyone here that we were not to eat what was left. I think the warning was really for David who might have eaten the pie leftovers for a midnight snack had he not been admonished to leave it alone! Do not eat for a midnight snack anybody - this means U Daddy - except maybe Katherine.

Project 365: Day 117 - April 26

Project 365: Day 116 - April 25

The silent auction at our elementary school is by far the largest fundraiser of the year. We receive very generous donations from area businesses and from our own parents!

There were at least 14 grade-level baskets with themes ranging from Hannah Montana, to Lego, to Mother's Day & Father's Day. Katherine's class joined with another to fill a gardening basket!

One mother made this quilt out of old school t-shirts.

The night is lots of fun for the kids, who get to run around the school playing games and winning cakes at the cake walk. There's a raffle, several moon bounces, good food, a dunking tank, a petting zoo, and more!

Project 365: Day 115 - April 24

The following are scenes from the BAC trip to the National Gallery in DC.

We took the trip in a "trip bus," which I now understand to be a school bus that can go faster than the average school bus! Despite a slight delay in traffic due to an accident, we arrived in DC before noon!

I loved this - found in the Sculpture Garden.

The only Rembrandt to be found in the western hemisphere. Also known for being the first frontal portrait.

We probably spent just 4 hours at the museum, including time spent eating and shopping. That was just enough time for some of the students, and not nearly enough for others. Caroline is waiting patiently for a chance to go back and spend all day wandering through the exhibits.

The whole group - head count completed, we headed back to school!

Project 365: Day 113 - April 22

On March 28, the MHS Envirothon Team won their local competition at Walnut Creek, which sent them and the second place team to the April 22 Area II competition, held at Crockett State Park in Midland.

The competition is comprised of 5 hands-on & written tests lasting 20 minutes each, and an oral presentation. The written tests covered forestry, soils, wildlife, aquatics & a special topic. The special topic this year is recreational impacts on national parks.

Despite practicing their speeches all the way to the park, the team appeared to be relaxed and unfazed by the whole competition aspect of the day. They knew their stuff.
Their presentation went so well that the judges had no questions for the team. None. Having seen two other presentations, and the questions asked those presenters, I assumed our team would also be subjected to similar scrutiny. Apparently they covered everything possible, leaving no holes! Great work!

The team took first in wildlife, recreational impacts & oral presentation, and third in forestry and aquatics. This gave them first place overall in the Area II competition.

On May 18-19 they'll compete in the state competition at JMU! Wish them luck!

Project 365: Day 114 - April 23

Monday, April 21, 2008

Project 365: Day 112 - April 21

What will these become?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Project 365: Day 111 - April 20

Project 365: Day 110 - April 19

This little guy had a long day! Up early to watch his Daddy run a race and then a quick lunch and...a quick nap...before going to his friend Carter's birthday party!

Orange Crush

Charlottesville Marathon Man

Charlottesville Marathon - April 19, 2008

Katherine, Will and I got up early to try to cheer David on before we had to collect the bigger girls from their famine-lock-in-sleepover. My thought was to get to him at mile 8. Fortunately, the policeman let me through the roadblock at mile 5 so I could try to to get to a point where we could see him. Unfortunately, the half-marathon was also being run and those runner were pretty much clogging up the road going and coming. Once we passed their turn-around point it was so late that we missed David and had to go retrieve the girls without even seeing him at all.

After a quick stop for a mocha, we headed to mile post 21, where we knew we'd see him.

With our mochas and doughnuts, we rolled out the sleeping bags for the sleepover and waited for our runner. You can tell that I got Will out of bed in a hurry, as he still had his pajamas on at this point!

We didn't have to wait as long as we thought to see David come down the hill. We knew he was wearing dark blue shorts, a royal blue top, and a black hat. Let me tell you how many other male runners wore the exact same thing that day! The girls have vowed to find him a bright lime green shirt for his next race!

As David ran into his last five miles, Will gave him a high five for good luck!

Then we were off to find a parking space downtown for the finish!

Katherine's "You Rock!" poster elicited lots of smiles, but this shirtless guy yelled out to her "You rock sister!" which made her grin!

Here comes David. Almost at the end!

No rest for the weary.

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

After a moment or two of recovery David was forced to acknowledge his children and leave the wall in search of food!

I love watching races and especially enjoy watching David run. I thought he looked good and strong throughout this though course. Of course, watching and actually running are two different things.

To read his take on the race, go here!

Project 365: Day 109 - April 18

Field Day 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Project 365: Day 108 - April 17

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Project 365: Day 107 - April 16

5 cent cone day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Project 365: Day 106 - April 15

We carry food with us where ever we go! These two can't go too long without something to munch on!

The purpose of the outing was actually to watch Morgan's lacrosse game. The other team is comprised of 8 through 12th graders, which makes for an interesting game against our JV. We did well and rallied in the second half, but not well enough to win. The final score was close - within 3 or 4 goals. UPDATE: Morgan says the score was 5 -8 which is significantly better than the first game against this team - I think that one was 14 - 4!

Even the coach was pleased.

Project 365: Day 105 - April 14

After spending a perfectly lovely weekend away doing nothing but piecing a quilt top, I came home and reality immediately hit me in the face.


This morning I had a root canal. Not two hours later the temporary filling came out and I was back in the dentist's chair - my favorite place in the whole wide world.

Not having enough time to go home before having to be back in town, Will and I went to the library and got some Smudge books. He loves Henry and Mudge books but can't seem to call them by the right name!

Project 365: Day 104 - April 13

Sunday morning I almost didn't wake up!

I had put in ear plugs to keep out the sounds in the cabin so that I could get some good sleep- they work really well! Still I made it down to the camp hall before 7 and got started again on my blocks.

Ann's is the blue one!

Finally I got all of my blocks pieces and sewn together in rows. Now it was time to sew the rows together!

Here are some of the other quilt tops - and fabric choices!

And here's me with mine - it's not done yet - I still have to put on a thin border and then create and attach a larger more decorative border.

Now that I'm home, finding the time will be the hardest part!